Il fondo, l’onda e il mare di Davide Puccini – Massimo Fanfani

Il fondo, l’onda e il mare di Davide Puccini*

Massimo Fanfani

Università degli Studi di Firenze (<>)


The recent book of poems by Davide Puccini (Il fondo e L’onda, Nomos Edizioni 2016) is a fervent and intimate inventory of the world of childhood and adolescence recollected through playing, environments and objects sunk in the oblivion of the bottom of the sea or brought afloat by the waves. The past can, however, be remembered thanks to poetic words. Apart from much literary interference the poems are linked to the Author’s previous works and have a surprising recovery in the coming-of-age novel that Puccini published in 2018.

Keywords: Davide Puccini, childhood playing, contemporary poetry

DOWNLOAD: Il_fondo_l_onda_ e_il_mare_di_Davide_Puccini.pdf